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Locals with knowledge of Warsaw wanted! (wygasło)

Locals with knowledge of Warsaw wanted!

CityPals (www.citypals.com) is currently looking for motivated, friendly, honest local people with positive attitude who would like to show Warsaw to travelers from all around the world. You choose your area of service, your hourly rate, days and times when you are available to work, and you make the decision who to work with.

CityPals gives you the platform where you can connect with visitors traveling to Warsaw. You do not need to be a licensed guide, but you need to be ready to share your knowledge of the area as a local. For example, you can take the travelers to the restaurant that serves your favorite dish, show them shortcuts to the main sights and more... Share your knowledge with them! They need you! Become their local friend!

To register, go to www.citypals.com/register

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